A moment at every wedding that every hopefull girl waits for and their partner dreads... the bouquet toss. At a recent wedding in Cape Town, a boyfriend took exception to his girlfriend catching the wedding bouquet and left his girlfriend with little doubt that it will be sometime before she walks down the ailse!

Watch the amazing video:

They said they both laughed out loud after watching the footage, despite Angie not being amused at the time.

Area lettings manager Dan, 27, said: 'The video was taken at Angie's younger cousin Leanne's wedding to Larry Ball-Piatti.

'Angie was making a point of practising her bouquet catching skills so she'd be sure to catch it this time. However I managed to spot the bouquet in the corner of my eye and my natural man-like reactions stepped in allowing me make a cat-like interception. Although she was clearly a little shocked at first, we both found it hilarious watching the moment that was caught on camera.'

The duo, who have been together for four years, said getting hitched had been a running joke because of their five-year age difference. 

Dan added: 'We met four years ago when we were both cast in a production of the musical 'I love you because' at the Green Room Theatre in Dorking. Angie being five years older than me, kept her crush a secret for months. But alas, it was clearly meant to be. Since then it's been a running joke that because of the age difference, her friends and now even her younger cousin kept beating her to the aisle.'

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